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Frequently Asked Questions

When was Tartarin of Tarascon written?

Tartarin of Tarascon ( French: Tartarin de Tarascon) is an 1872 novel written by the French author Alphonse Daudet .

What is Tartarin sur les Alpes?

A sequel Tartarin sur les Alpes appeared in 1885. Since 1985, a small museum in the town of Tarascon-sur-Rhône is dedicated to the fictional character Tartarin. A festival is held in Tarascon every year on the last Sunday of June to remember Tartarin and the unrelated Tarasque .

Who is Tartarin in the cap hunter?

Tartarin, a plump middle-aged man, is the chief "cap-hunter", but following his enthusiastic reaction to seeing an Atlas lion in a travelling menagerie, the over-imaginative town understands him to be planning a hunting expedition to Algeria. So as not to lose face, Tartarin is forced to go, after gathering an absurd mass of equipment and weapons.

When was the first Tartarin movie made?

The earliest cinematic version was a short, filmed in 1908 by the pioneering magician-cum-director, Georges Méliès . The second effort was the 1934 film, which was directed by Frenchman Raymond Bernard and starred Raimu in the role of Tartarin, as well as Sinoël, Fernand Charpin and Charles Camus in other principal roles.

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