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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tanjiro stronger than Rengoku?

There are no hashiras Tanjiro is stronger than. He still lacks skill and speed as well as strength to handle an Upper Moon alone. Rengoku is one of the strongest hashiras and is far more powerful than Tanjiro in every way. His Flame Breathing technique is stronger than Tanjiro’s incomplete Sun Breathing technique.

Why did Tanjiro become a demon?

When Tanjiro “died,” Muzan, as a last-ditch effort, transferred his blood and emotions into Tanjiro, turning him into a demon. Similar to Nezuko, as a demon, Tanjiro built up immunity to sunlight after awakening. According to Muzan, Tanjiro could be the next Demon King. Thankfully, Tanjiro’s comrades managed to inject him with the cure, and he was able to return to human again. How Did Demons Come to Be?

Who would win, Tanjiro or asleep zenitsu?

Tanjiro is for sure stronger, but Zenitsu would probably win the fight solely based on speed. It really doesn’t matter who is physically stronger or smarter/more tactical when Zenitsu could speed blitz Tanjiro and cut his head off before he can even draw his sword. That’s how I see it, anyway.

Does Kanao and Tanjiro get married?

Kanao was very loyal, and everyone liked her as she was loving and brave. Her character also evolved a lot over the episodes. In the end, Tanjiro and Kanao get married and even have children. Thanks to his natural ability and determination, Tanjiro improved very quickly.

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