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Frequently Asked Questions

How high is Tacoma Narrows Bridge?

It was located in Washington State, near Puget Sound. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge was the third-longest suspension bridge in the United States at the time, with a length of 5939 feet including approaches. Its two supporting towers were 425 feet high. The towers were 2800 feet apart.

How long is the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge?

The 1950 Narrows Bridge. After 29 months of construction, a new and much safer Tacoma Narrows Bridge opened on Oct. 14, 1950. The current bridge is the 5th longest suspension bridge in the United States. Located on State Route 16 between Tacoma and Gig Harbor, the bridge is 5,979 feet in length.

Why did the Tacoma Bridge collapse?

The reason why the Tacoma Narrows bridge collapsed was due to the frequencies of resonance. The wind traveling at 40 miles per hour coincided with the frequencies of the steel bridge.

What is the Tacoma Narrows Bridge known for?

Tacoma Narrows Bridge. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge is a pair of twin suspension bridges that span the Tacoma Narrows strait of Puget Sound in Pierce County, Washington. The bridges connect the city of Tacoma with the Kitsap Peninsula and carry State Route 16 (known as Primary State Highway 14 until 1964) over the strait.

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