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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you think about the Blues Jr IV?

I've had few tube amps over the years: 100w Ampeg V-4 head with mismatched homemade (15" jbls and piezo tweeter each with a sunburst Rickenbacher) cabs, Art attack amp also 100 watts (from the 90's), recently: AC10c Vox kind of muddy sound. Well conclusively speaking, this Blues Jr IV has a lot of personality. The main volume is really the "GAIN".

Why work at Sweetwater?

If you’re searching for a company founded on passion where you can accomplish the best work of your life, then join our hard-working, talented team — and the #1 online music retailer in the country — and see why we call a career at Sweetwater our Full-time Dream.

How many watts is the Fender Blues Junior IV?

The Biggest-sounding Blues Junior Yet With their Blues Junior IV 15-watt, 1 x 12" combo, Fender found a way to take one of the most popular all-tube amplifiers of all time and make it even better. You'll still find the same conveniently giggable size, pedal-friendly character, and ideal volume that make the line so successful.

Why Sweetwater amplifiers?

Even if most of your playing is at home, Sweetwater will help you achieve amazing tone every time you plug in. Combo Amp or Amp Stack? Are you a road warrior, playing to appreciative audiences every night?

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