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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best sustainable fashion brands in India?

The Jodi Life The Jodi Life is a common feature on a number of lists talking about the best sustainable fashion brands in India, that in addition to being good for the environment, are also immensely trendy.

Which is the best organic clothing brand in India?

Ethicus Ethicus is a Tamil Nadu based organic brand established in 2009. It is the first organic farm in India to have a clothing brand among the top sustainable fashion brands. This brand is exclusively for women and sells handcrafted sarees and stoles.

Why are Indian designers taking a step towards sustainable fashion?

Therefore, many Indian designers and top sustainable fashion brands are taking a step towards slow fashion and living. They are trying to change the practices of the fashion industry by putting people and the planet before anything else. “ Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will!” – Anne Klein

What is Anokhi sustainable fashion?

This Jaipur based sustainable fashion label is known for its vibrant hand block printed ethnic clothes that come with beautiful designs and the touch of Indian tradition. Anokhi as a brand has devoted over 40 years to the production of eco-friendly textiles that support traditional Indian artisan techniques like hand printing.

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