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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word suspect mean?

Suspect. In law enforcement jargon, a suspect is a known person accused or suspected of committing a crime. Police and reporters in the United States often use the word suspect as a jargon when referring to the perpetrator of the offense (perp in dated US slang).

Is a suspect a noun or verb?

This document provides you a list of words that can be used both as nouns and verbs, but that will have a different stress pattern. For example: I suspect that he will be late. suspect = verb in this sentence Stress pattern 01: susPECT /səˈspekt/ Sus PECT (verb) In this investigation, our main suspect is a 25-year old man.

What is a synonym for suspect?

Synonyms for suspect in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for suspect. 48 synonyms for suspect: believe, feel, guess, consider, suppose, conclude, fancy, speculate, conjecture ...

What is another word for suspects?

synonyms for suspect Compare Synonyms open pseudo suspected thick thin doubtable dubious fishy incredible problematic questionable ridiculous shaky suspicious unbelievable uncertain unclear unlikely unsure See also synonyms for: suspected / suspecting / suspects / unsuspecting Meet Grammar Coach Improve Your Writing antonyms for suspect

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