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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a land surveyor in Minnesota?

Applicants may sit early for the FS Exam by meeting the minimum requirements in MN Rule 1800.3505 Subp. 2, but will still need to meet the education above to receive their Land Surveyor-in-Training designation, to sit for the PS and MNLS Exams, and to be licensed.

What qualifications do I need to become a surveyor?

Qualifying experience consists of varied, progressive, practical experience at land surveying work, gained under the direct supervision of a licensed land surveyor. How much experience you need depends upon the type of education you earned.

How do I renew my Minnesota driver's license?

If you need to practice/hold out in Minnesota, you need to renew. Renew now through Online Renewal Services. Have handy: your credit card information. You will be charged a late fee. If your name does not appear on this carryover list, you do not have any CE from the prior period you can carry over to this renewal.

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