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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a land surveyor in Illinois?

Four-year baccalaureate degree in a related science, including at least 24 semester hours of land surveying courses from an IDFPR approved curriculum of an accredited institution. Once an individual has completed their education, they can begin the application process to the State of Illinois to take the SIT exam. (See Below)

What is a professional land surveyor?

A Professional Land Surveyor is a person who has qualified by education and experience, and who has passed an examination for registration required by the State of Illinois to practice Land Surveying in Illinois. For more information on what a surveyor does, visit

How do I become a PLS in Illinois?

An SIT may apply to the State of Illinois to take the PLS exam if he or she has, or will have, completed the requisite 4 years experience prior to the exam date. (See below for application process.) Upon successful passage of the PLS exam, you then become licensed as a PLS.

How do I register for the IDFPR in Illinois?

Applicants must register through three separate entities – with different deadlines and three sets of fees – prior to taking the exam. Complete your application through the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Click here to access the IDFPR applications.

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