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Frequently Asked Questions

Is stylekorean legit?

Stylekorean is legit, i ordered from them a few times already but its like yesstyle where they up the prices then then put them on sale to say that its "50%off". Just check the prices daily you might get a good deal. I recently discovered and ordered from them.

Is stylekorean authentic?

Authentic and Original. -With good reputation as a big cosmetic distributor in Korea Deomestic, Stylekorean has direct supply channel with brand factory or its representative. So customers 100% trust that every single product Stylekorean shipping is authentic and original product .

Is style Korean legit?

Style Korean seemed to be legit and provide a fast delivery based on some reviews so I gave it a try! In this post, I will share my shopping experience at Style Korean in detail from brands/products, site experience to shipping. Style Korean Brands and Products

What is Korean fashion style?

Korean fashion is influenced by big brands and runway styles but the best feature of Korean fashion is that it is adapted to suit the streets. Designers utilize fabrics and trends seen on the runway in casual clothing and partywear that the youth can easily buy and wear regularly.

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