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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the five steps of Design Thinking?

The five steps in design thinking are empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test. Empathize – This step involves interviewing stakeholders and asking open-ended questions.

Is design thinking a fad?

Five Reasons Design Thinking is a Fad. There is no standard - the definitions and associated processes (just compare a google search of DT process visuals) are numerous and varied. People have started to replace it with terms of their own - " Design Doing ", "Design Mindset", " Whole-Brained Thinking ", etc.

What is the design thinking process?

Design Thinking Process. The process brings out more ideas and refers more choices. It is then our decision to turn the fate of these ideas by making our choices. The design thinking process is more of a diverging and converging process as against the linear innovation process.

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