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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of steering?

Steering. Steering is an unlawful practice and includes any words or actions by a real estate sales representative or Broker that are intended to influence the choice of a prospective buyer or tenant. Steering violates federal fair housing provisions that proscribe discrimination in the sale or rental of housing.

What are synonyms for steering?

Synonyms for Steering: adj. •directing (adjective) Managing. n. v. •controlling (verb) ordering, supervising, Overseeing, Presiding, directing, ruling, Disciplining, Managing, commanding, governing, controlling, dominating, Administering, Harnessing, leading, Bridling, piloting, executing, Superintending.

What are the parts of the steering system?

Every steering system, no matter what type, will have a steering wheel, a steering shaft and column, a flexible coupler, universal joints, steering arms, and ball sockets. These parts are discussed below. The only part of the steering system the average driver is familiar with is the steering wheel.

What is the opposite of steering?

Antonyms for steering include subordinate, anarchy, chaos, lawlessness, revolt, revolution, disorder, rebellion, mayhem and misgovernment. Find more opposite words at ...

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