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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lake Starnberg called in English?

Lake Starnberg, or Starnberger See [ˈʃtaʁnbɛʁɡɐ ˌzeː] ( listen)) — called Lake Würm, or Würmsee [ˈvʏʁmˌzeː], until 1962 — is Germany 's second-largest body of fresh water, having great depth, and fifth-largest lake by area. It and its surroundings lie in three different Bavarian districts, or Landkreise.

Where is the Starnberger See?

The Starnberger See is the Bavarian capital Munich's nearest lake. In the 17th and 18th centuries it was already very popular with the Munich court.

How deep is Lake Starnberg?

You just better bring a lot of fishing line since Lake Starnberg is more than 127 meters deep (not all of it, buddy, only at its deepest point). I guess this is why Lake Starnberg is considered to be one of Germany’s lakes with the most water. That must have been some Ice Age glacier that created this slice of liquid heaven, huh?

Is there waterskiing on Lake Starnberg?

As you come around to the southern part of Lake Starnberg you might notice something that you didn’t see up north: waterskiing. Yes, the lake has all sorts of watersporting activities, but waterskiing is only done in its southern region, and restrictions apply.

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