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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a specialty laboratory?

Specialty lab tests are diagnostic tools used primarily by holistic medical doctors and naturopathic physicians to assess the functional status of the body. Functional testing assesses the dynamic inter- relationship of physiological systems, thereby creating a more complete picture of one's health.

What is a cosmetic specialty lab?

Cosmetic Specialty Labs (CSL) believes in the healing power of aloe vera. The company, a contract manufacturer of private-label skin care, cosmetics, and health products that contain aloe vera, supplies more than 10,000 clients throughout the US and 20 foreign countries.

What are diagnostic labs?

Diagnostic Lab. The facility is made of three separate, but integrated laboratories: the biochemical lab, the cytogenetic lab and the molecular lab. All three laboratories use technologies to help physicians, patients and their families to better understand a disorder and the available treatments for it.

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