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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Spartan gocam connected by Verizon?

The Spartan GoCam, connected by Verizon, makes use of the nation’s largest wireless network to provide the widest signal coverage possible. In addition to the expansive coverage areas provided by the Verizon network, Spartan GoCams also feature data rates as low as $5/month to add to the existing Verizon data plan.

What kind of construction does spartan 4G LTE gocam have?

Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. New Spartan 4G LTE GoCam Verizon Wireless Trail Camera with Spartan Quick Aim Mount, Motion Activated Night Vision Game Camera Comes with IP65-rating Water-Resistant Construction.

What are the features of the Spartan gocam?

The Spartan GoCam has a 0.6-second trigger speed to capture fast-moving game and subjects. Tmodes include motion (PIR) with adjustable settings, and time lapse with 5-second to 60-second, 1-minute to 60-minute, and 1-hour to 8-hour interval options (0-second to 60-minute trigger interval). Photo resolution can be set as high as 8MP.

How much does spartan camera app cost?

So IF you want to use the Spartan Camera App on your cellphone to view the photos and manage the camera, then there will be a monthly charge to Spartan of $5 to $3 per month per camera depending on the number of "premium credits" you buy at a time. The more "credits" you buy at one time the cheaper the "credits" cost.

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