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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some easy Spanish words?

Simple Spanish Words and Phrases to Memorize El Dinero "El Dinero" means money. You should memorize this and learn what it sounds like as well. ... ¿Cuánto cuesta? This simple questions asks, " How much does it cost?" You'll most certainly have a need for this phrase if you are out shopping or being offered ... ¿Hablas inglés? ... ¿Me podría ayudar? ... Permiso & Perdone

How can I become a Spanish translator?

While there's no formal educational background required to work as a Spanish translator, individuals need expert proficiency in the English and Spanish languages. This can be gained through a bachelor's program and experience.

What are the different languages in Spanish?

In terms of the number of speakers and dominance, the most prominent of the languages of Spain is Spanish (Castilian), spoken by about 99% of Spaniards as a first or second language. Catalan (or Valencian) is spoken by 19%, Galician by 5%, and Basque by 2% of the population.

What language is related to Spanish?

Spanish language belongs to so-called Romance Family or Romance Languages. This means, that the most related languages to Spanish are from this tree, which are Portuguese, French, Italian.

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