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Frequently Asked Questions

What is levels by Avicii?

Levels (Avicii song) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia " Levels " is a progressive house song by Swedish DJ Avicii that was released on 28 October 2011 through Universal Music Group on iTunes. "Levels" topped the Swedish Singles Chart.

What song has a vocal sample from Avicii?

Levels (Avicii song) "Levels" contains a vocal sample from the 1962 gospel -inspired song " Something's Got a Hold on Me " by Etta James, as written by Leroy Kirkland, Pearl Woods and James. It is the same sample previously used in Pretty Lights ' 2006 song "Finally Moving" from his debut album, Taking Up Your Precious Time.

What is Avicii's greatest song?

Several critics consider "Levels" to be Avicii's greatest song and one of the greatest EDM songs of all time, mostly due to its chart success and the recognizable synth riff. Following his death in 2018, a limited-edition vinyl of "Levels" sold for $563.

Does Avicii levels mash up with everything?

It mashes up with everything. There was a two-year period after the song’s 2011 release where you could search “Avicii Levels [Random Contemporary Hit Song]” into YouTube and be all but guaranteed to get at least a couple results of amateur DJs trying to mash the songs up.

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