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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Skyvector free to use?

SkyVector is a fantastic online flight planning tool for pilots. It is free and does not even require an account. Watch this video to find out how to use all the features on SkyVector.

Where can I download skyskyvector charts?

SkyVector charts are really highly recommended! Hit the download button below to go to the project’s GitHub. It’s a simple install: as usual with MSFS, just put the folder in your Community Folder and you’re good to go! Founder of MSFS Addons and a flight simulation enthusiast since the early days of FSX.

Can you load Skyvector inside MSFS?

Load SkyVector inside MSFS with this free toolbar mod October 3, 2020 SkyVector is one of the most useful websites for flight simulation, with its aeronautical charts that help plotting your flightplans and navigate around the world. Today we bring you a simple tool that does something SkyVector users will absolutely love.

Do Skyvector and Skyvector match?

They don't necessarily match. If you want to use skyvector, note that is all based on current, real-world data, so you might want to update some data in your sim. In particular, waypoints, navaid data for VORs, magnetic declination.

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