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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest whale in the world?

Blue Whale is the Biggest Whale on The Earth. By considerable measure, the largest known animal on Earth is the blue whale. Mature blue whales can measure anywhere from 75 feet (23 m) to 100 feet (30.5 m) from head to tail, and can weigh as much as 150 tons (136 metric tons).

What are the biggest whales in the ocean?

While the blue whale and fin whale are the largest animals, the ocean has plenty of other large creatures. The largest fish (and largest shark) is the whale shark, which can grow to about 65 feet and weigh up to about 75,000 pounds.

What is the largest whale ever recorded?

10 Largest Whale Species on the Planet Blue Whale (98 feet / 30 meters) Fin Whale (90 feet / 27.5 meters) Sperm Whale (67 feet / 20.5 meters) Right Whale (60 feet / 18.3 meters) Bowhead Whale (59 feet / 18 meters) Humpback Whale (52 feet / 16 meters) Sei Whale (52 feet / 16 meters) Gray Whale (49 feet/ 15 meters) Bryde's Whale (46 feet / 14 meters) Minke Whale (up to 35 feet or 10.5 meters)

What is the average weight of a whale?

There are records of individuals over 100 feet (30.5 m) long, but 70-90 feet (23-27 m) is probably average. An average weight for an adult is 200,000 to 300,000 pounds (100-150 tons). Blue whales are an overall blue-gray color, mottled with light gray.

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