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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average size of a wedding ring?

The average ring size for men is 8, and that’s for a ring that is about 4-6mm wide. When you go to a jewelry store, most men's rings in the case range from a size 8 to a 9. Men tend to wear just a single wedding band.

How do you measure ring size in inches?

To use a ruler to measure ring size, wrap a string around the ring finger and make a mark at the point where the string meets, and then measure the distance between the marks with the ruler. The length between the mark should be measured in inches and then compared to a ring size chart to determine its ring size equivalent.

What size ring do women wear?

The most common toe ring sizes for women are 3–5; men most commonly wear 5–7. All our toe rings come in half sizes for the best possible fit. Thumb ring sizes range from 7 1/2–13 1/2. They should be loose enough to be comfortable but may feel “new” for the first day or two.

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