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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy a silencer?

The first and, dare we say, one of the easiest ways to buy a silencer is through Silencer Central. Perfect for the introvert in all of us, Silencer Central is designed with ease in mind. First, you log on to their website and scope out the silencer you want. Not quite sure what to get? No prob.

What is silencer's real name?

Nortrom, the Silencer, is a ranged intelligence hero who can be played as a support, carry, or initiator. He is one of the few intelligence heroes that truly benefit from intelligence items and is effective against heroes that rely mostly on spells, as he can silence them while stealing their intelligence and adding it to his own.

Do I sign into silener shop using kiosk code?

There are 3 ways to log into the SID Kiosk Log into your Silencer Shop website account if you already have one Scan the QR code that you received from us (or your dealer) after you placed the order

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