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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Seong Gi-hun call a phone number?

After he is chosen by an anonymous, well-dressed man to play a children’s game to earn money, our desperately debt-laden protagonist Seong Gi-hun is given a card with a phone number on it. In order to opt into Squid Game — where players compete to the end for the chance for their debts to be paid off — you must call the phone number.

Why did Oh Il-Nam let Seong Gi-hun win the ball game?

One might wonder why Oh Il-nam (player number 1) let Seong Gi-hun win in the ball game when he had the advantage. Several reasons can explain his gesture. The first and most logical reason is that Oh Il-Nam, as the creator of the games, couldn’t have risked dying in the Tempered Glass Bridge test..

What do seong Gi-hun and Oh Il-Nam have in common?

First, during the marbles test, Seong Gi-Hun and Oh Il-nam say they grew up in the same type of street and house (although we know that it was the designer who chose the sets) but that’s not all. Oh Il-nam reminded him of an anecdote about his past, and coincidentally, they had the same.

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