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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this singing Rubber Chicken tell you when you've had enough?

No, no, no, this singing rubber chicken will tell you when you’ve had enough. YouTuber Franco Muñoz set up a microphone, some auto-tune software (we’re guessing) and a squeaky rubber chicken, and wheezed new life into the Latino pop track.

Can a rubber chicken be used as an instrument?

Surprisingly, “Pachelbel’s Canon” isn’t the first instance of a rubber chicken being used as an instrument. It’s been done many times throughout Chen’s musical endeavor called TwoSet Violin.

Can chickens recreate beautiful tunes?

But as the classically-trained musician Eddy Chen demonstrates, the silly creature can recreate beautiful tunes. One of his latest performances is a cover of “Pachelbel’s Canon,” first composed by Johann Pachelbel in the 19th century. In a video, Chen shows how he’s able to masterfully mimic the original song by strategically squeezing the chicken.

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