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Frequently Asked Questions

Why study math at RSM?

Our students post remarkable scores on math competitions, in school, and see a greater confidence in their math and learning abilities overall. Our alumni go on to attend the best universities in the world. Every 4th RSM student who participated scored in the top 5% on the AMC8!

What is homework at RSM-MetroWest?

Homework is an essential part of studies at RSM-MetroWest. All students are expected to complete assigned homework weekly. If your child missed a class for any reason, assigned paper homework will be emailed to you within 48 hours of the missed class. You can also stop at the office to pick it up in person.

How does RSM-online work?

Our unique online program mirrors that of our physical locations. Expert teachers conduct live and interactive classes of up to 12 students on our proprietary video-conferencing platform. RSM-Online is open to students in grades 3 - 10.

What is the schedule for RSM-online classes?

RSM-Online classes meet anywhere from 2 - 4 hrs a week depending on a child's grade. Class availability is subject to change; please reach out to us if you have any questions on the schedule.

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