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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the plant-based options at Roots Burger Bar?

We sourced Roots Burger Bar on Tripadvisor. I was surprised to find that they had a variety of plant-based options, since burgers are their specialty. I ordered the hummus plate... and fried brussel sprouts. The brussel sprouts are excellent.. great flavor.

How can I earn dining rewards at Roots Burger Bar?

Earn points and other dining rewards at Roots Burger Bar! Enroll online and start reaping the benefits! Available in any denomination, choose the gift (physical or virtual) that fits the occasion.

Is Scotty's in Muncie back to the original location?

The original founder of Scotty's in Muncie brings you back to his "roots" in the same location where the original restaurant was located. As you would expect, much of the inside looks the same, down to the writing on the brick wall but there are... some notable changes.

Why choose Roots Restaurant?

The interesting fact about Roots are that they rarely can do anything great on their own - they need nurturing, watering and love from the community helping that tree grow. This restaurant needs all of your support. And, we promise to work hard to give you the best dining experience, food, drink and service, you have had in a while.

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