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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Robinson Crusoe based on a true story?

Robinson Crusoe was based on the true story of a shipwrecked seaman named Alexander Selkirk and was passed off as history, while Moll Flanders included dark prison scenes drawn from Defoe’s own experiences in Newgate and interviews with prisoners.

Was Robinson Crusoe a true story?

For the first edition, Defoe pretended that the novel was a true story. He said the fictional protagonist Robinson Crusoe was the author and he pretended to be the editor of Crusoe's autobiography. This led many readers to believe that Crusoe was a real person and the book a true account of his life.

Who is the antagonist in Robinson Crusoe?

Comprehends the conflict between protagonist and antagonist in Robinson Crusoe (Comprehension) 1.1 Identifies the main protagonist as Robinson Crusoe 1.2 Identifies multiple antagonists in the story, such as pirates, cannibals, the force of Nature, and Crusoe’s fallen nature.

Is Robinson Crusoe a Lockean novel?

Initially, Robinson Crusoe appears to abide by Lockean principles, but as the novel progresses, Robinson Crusoe repeatedly strays from Lockean ideology and falls victim to an illusion of power and control of his property. According to Locke, "the preservation of Property being the end of Government, and that for which Men enter into society".

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