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Frequently Asked Questions

Is home health care a substitute for hospital care?

An important reason why home health care may serve as a substitute for hospital care is that the availability of home health care may allow patients to be discharged from the hospital earlier.

What is traditional home health care?

home health care is intermittent and part-time, patients (and their informal caregivers) should learn how to identify and care for possible problems, like confusion or shortness of breath. The goal of short-term home health care is to provide treatment for an illness or injury. It helps you get better, regain your independence,

Does Medicare cover home healthcare?

Yes, Medicare covers Home Health Aides for beneficiaries that meet the eligibility criteria. Medicare only pays for a home health aide if it involves skilled care, and this service is covered by Original Medicare plans depending on the circumstances.

Do I need home health care?

Medical home health care would be nursing services, wound care, monitoring of one’s health such as blood pressure and mental state. This type of care is needed when someone gets out of the hospital or for senior citizens. Home care that is provided by caregivers is based around the need for basic day-to-day assistance.

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