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Frequently Asked Questions

What is reviewsnap software?

Reviewsnap Software. Founded in 2007, Reviewsnap offers an integrated suite of talent management solutions spanning performance reviews, compensation management and learning management. The web-based solution allows businesses to streamline the performance management process of their employees with 360-degree performance review system.

Why reviewsnap for travel management?

Reviewsnap lives up to its name. As a small organization with many staff who frequently travel, we sought a system that was simple, intuitive and available 24/7. We reviewed many systems, big and small and almost settled on a product, but then found out about Reviewsnap.

What do managers love most about reviewsnap?

Managers love setting SMART goals in Reviewsnap: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-sensitive. Your organization will be aligned when everyone knows what's expected. Customers like Fidelity Bank say their performance management process is better because of 360-degree feedback and simplified performance reviews.

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