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Frequently Asked Questions

What is reportserver?

And much more... ReportServer is the modern and versatile business intelligence (OSBI) platform for your company. ReportServer Community Edition is open source software under the aGPL . Pixel-perfect reporting, ad-hoc analyses, Excel and Word reporting or multidimensional OLAP analytics: ReportServer comes with a great selection of powerful tools.

Where can I find the documentation for reportserver Community Edition?

If you are looking into extending ReportServer via scripting, you can find a Javadoc documentation as well as the sources of ReportServer Community Edition on SourceForge . Configuration Guide Describes the installation of ReportServer as well as the basic configuration options.

What is the SSRs reportserver database?

The SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) ReportServer database created during a native SSRS installation is undocumented by Microsoft, but I want to query it. This tip will explain common tables and joins as found in a default ReportServer database and some example scenarios where such queries could be helpful.

What's new in the new reportserver version?

We are pleased to announce that the 3.1.0 version of ReportServer is now available for download. Among other new features, improvements and bug fixes, JXLS2 is supported together with JXLS1. Further, the parameter export was largely improved. For a list of all changes please refer to the release notes.

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