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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Reggio registers?

The reason Reggio Registers continues to be the number one choice of architects, builders, and homeowners is found in our uncompromising dedication to craftsmanship. We stand behind our Lifetime Guarantee because we use only one measure of quality – perfection.

How do I contact reggioregister customer service?

Call 800.880.3090 or email [email protected] Our Customer Service team is consistently ranked in the ‘World Class’ category by customers via Net Promoter Score.

What colors do Reggio aluminum registers come in?

Our cast aluminum registers are available in Reggio's classic Scroll or the modern Square pattern in a variety of colors, including Gray, which can be painted to match your décor (we recommend paint made for metal and not a latex paint). Our aluminum registers are guaranteed for life.

Are Reggio grilles guaranteed for life?

Our aluminum registers are guaranteed for life. Reggio's Square pattern grilles in Steel are a top choice of designers, architects, and homeowners seeking designs that will complement both traditional and contemporary settings.

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