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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best lawyer in Nanaimo?

The Best 10 Lawyers in Nanaimo, BC. 1 1. Strain & Company. 1 Divorce & Family Law. “ lawyer contact Strain and company first!! Teresa Winters-day” more. 2 2. Heath & Company Lawyer. 3 3. Mont Roderick E Lawyr. 4 4. Warsh Law. 5 5. Ramsay Lampman Rhodes. More items

Why choose Manning law in Nanaimo?

When you choose Manning Law in Nanaimo, we will provide you with the legal advice that will help you make better-informed decisions. We are committed to streamlining the legal process and reducing your stress. When selling, purchasing and refinancing real estate, there are many challenges which may arise when closing the real estate transaction.

What to do if you're hurt in Nanaimo?

If you are hurt, call our Nanaimo law firm for a free consultation before you make any statements or accept any settlement. Learn your rights, from someone working only for you. Fabris McIver Hornquist & Radcliffe is dedicated to the full service practice of law in British Columbia and is based in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island.

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