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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Queensryche songs of all time?

1 ‘Jet City Woman’. "Jet City Woman" is one of the band’s signature songs. ... 2 ‘NM 156’. "NM 156" is featured on Queensryche’s 1984 debut album The Warning. ... 3 ‘Walk in the Shadows’. ... 4 ‘Promised Land’. ... 5 ‘Take Hold of the Flame’. ... 6 ‘I Am I’. ... 7 ‘Suite Sister Mary’. ... 8 ‘Anybody Listening’. ... 9 ‘Eyes of a Stranger’. ...

What is Queensryche best known for?

Queensryche are one of the best-selling and most renown progressive heavy metal bands in history. The group has sold over 20 million albums worldwide and over six million in the U.S. alone. The band’s 1988 album Operation: Mindcrime is widely considered one of the greatest concept albums of all time.

What is it about Queensryche’s Silent Lucidity that makes it so special?

1990’s ‘Empire' managed to please almost everyone who’d ever (or never) heard of Queensryche, and the album’s touching ballad, ‘Silent Lucidity,’ was that special kind of song capable of moving even burly metal-men to little girl tears (even as they grabbed for the nearest dictionary to make sure “lucidity” meant what they thought it did).

What happened to Queensryche music?

Music has unfortunately taken a backseat to the airing of dirty laundry for veteran hard rockers Queensryche of late, what with the group’s acrimonious parting of ways from lead singer Geoff Tate and controversial decision to carry on with new arrival Todd La Torre.

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