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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a prospect?

prospect | Business English. the possibility that something might happen in the future, especially something good: there is little/no prospect of sth There is little prospect of the trade embargo being lifted this year.

What is a synonym for prospects?

Synonyms for prospects. capabilities, eventualities, possibilities, potentialities, potentials.

What are the prospect rankings for 2022?

Prospect Rankings Rank Player Position Team eta 7 Bobby Witt Jr. SS Kansas City Royals 2022 8 CJ Abrams SS San Diego Padres 2022 9 Nate Pearson RHP Toronto Blue Jays 2021 10 Cristian Pache OF Atlanta Braves 2021 6 more rows ...

What are the prospects for STH?

The market remains sceptical about the bank's prospects. prospects for sth Investors are becoming increasingly excited about prospects for the new drug. The growth prospects of the medical and health care equipment industry are promising. sb's career/job prospects Having a wide range of interests can improve your job prospects.

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