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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pmath library?

The PMATH mathematical subroutine library (libpmath.a) is a collection of 66 routines that was constructed as a portable subset of the former (machine-dependent) MATHLIB library with a few other routines added. PMATH supplements but does not duplicate the SLATEC library.

What is the math+ hospital treatment protocol for covid-19?

The MATH+ Hospital Treatment Protocol for COVID-19 is designed for hospitalized patients, to be initiated as soon as possible after they develop respiratory difficulty and require oxygen supplementation. The three core pathophysiologic processes that have been identified are severe hypoxemia, hyperinflammation, and hypercoagulability.

Does pmpmath duplicate the SLATEC library?

PMATH supplements but does not duplicate the SLATEC library. LC's former MSS group (and its predecessor groups) developed MATHLIB, much of which was coded in the machine language, CAL.

What is the pure mathematics Silver Award?

The Pure Mathematics Silver Award recognizes mathematical excellence in Pure Math and Mathematical Finance. This year's recipients are: Brian E. Forrest, professor of Pure Mathematics, has been named a Fellow of the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS).

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