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Frequently Asked Questions

What are WordPress plugins?

Plugins are files and/ or directories, which are created inside your WordPress installation (defined by WordPress) when you first install them. Both active and deactivated files reside inside them. When you upload zip package of a plugin, WordPress extracts it and places the directory inside it in the plugins folder.

What is a plugin and how does it work?

Updated: 11/16/2019 by. A plugin is a software add-on that is installed on a program, enhancing its capabilities.

How do I add a plugin to my Chrome app?

A shortcut to Chrome plugins page A shortcut to Chrome plugins pages. When installed, it will add "Plugins" button to your apps list (on the "New Tab" page and in the Chrome App Launcher). Click the icon and you'll open the "plugins" menu.

Where can I download and install plugins?

Every web browser has an official website where you can download and install plugins (also called "add-ons" or "extensions"). The web browser publisher (e.g., Google, Mozilla, Apple, etc.) verifies the plugins are not harmful before making them available to download. You should always install plugins directly from the browser's official website.

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