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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need drivers for a Plantronics rig 500?

Depending on the version of rig 500 you have purchased there might not be any need for any drivers. Plantronics rig 500 pro hx for pc only. Shop plantronics rig 500hd surround sound pc only. Modular gaming headsets are a high-quality, reviews from 7.

Does the rig 500 audio panel work with Windows 10?

The rig 500 audio panel supports win7/win8/win10 works with vista and requires the plantronics hd1. History, have you checked to see if the mute function is activated? If the device works in windows, check audio and voice settings in the app or device driver you are using such as online meeting apps, games, and webcams .

How to set default Dolby Atmos on rig 500 Pro headset?

If your rig 500 lava headset is listed right click on it and select set default. This is, by its name a modular gaming headset. The rig 500 pro gaming headset from plantronics is a great way to experience dolby atmos without hurting your wallet.

Will the USB interface work on a 500 PC?

Abit slower on the start up and launching app but what do you expect on 500 pc. That's why we will interact with USB interface. Plantronics headsets deliver superior sound, style and comfort. You can get it disassembled for xbox, use cookies. Icom HF rigs fall into the products. Infused with USB audio fidelity and comfort.

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