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Who are the main characters in the cars movies?

Cars characters. Characters in the Cars franchise. Mike Wazowski. James P. Sullivan. Lightning McQueen. Woody. Buzz Lightyear. The King (Cars) Chick Hicks.

Who are the two new characters in Cars 2?

^ Han, Angie (February 24, 2011). "Meet Two New 'Cars 2′ Characters: Rod "Torque" Redline and Siddeley". /Film. Retrieved February 27, 2011. ^ "Brent Musburger's 'Cars 2' character revealed".

What is the Order of the cars movies?

1 the 2006 film Cars 2 the 2011 film Cars 2 3 the 2017 film Cars 3 4 the 2013 film Planes 5 the 2014 film Planes: Fire and Rescue

What is the name of the Japanese car in cars?

Koji (voiced by Masi Oka) is a Japanese drift racing car and the fourth international competitor to greet Lightning McQueen in Cars: Mater-National. He only speaks Japanese, but can understand some English to what Lightning McQueen said.

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