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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is pivot interactives powered by?

Today, Pivot Interactives continues to be powered by teachers, with more than a dozen educators working to write content, develop the platform, and support our teacher users. We know that there are teachers all around the world doing incredible work to inspire their students and help them explore their world as scientists.

How is pivot interactives better than simulations?

Like a simulation, Pivot Interactives allows students to explore scientific concepts and change variables. However, Pivot Interactives is better for student learning than simulations because they’re real —real scientific phenomena and authentic data. All events shown in Pivot Interactives are high-resolution videos.

What is progresspivot interactives?

Pivot Interactives makes it simple for teachers to use active learning for science. Our collection of more than 400 activities engages students to explore, observe, and make connections. Customized feedback guides students and lets teachers measure progress.

How many activities are in the interactivepivot library?

Pivot Interactives library has over 400 classroom-ready learning activities. But our powerful activity editor lets teachers modify or customize the learning flow to match specific needs or teaching approaches. Add data tables and graphs, interactive instruction, automatically-graded questions.

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