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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a-snap cover for a truck bed?

- Snap covers are lightweight, canvas covers that snap to several spots on the trim and tailgate. All these spots let you access your payload from just about any area, so you can grab something from the front or the back of the truck bed easily without removing the whole cover.

Why choose line-X of Omaha for bed liner coating?

Opens mobile navigation. When you need an ultra-strong bed liner or protective coating for your truck or any other vehicle, the only place to turn is LINE-X of Omaha.

Do you need a tonneau cover for your truck bed?

Keep in mind that truck beds can be time-consuming to clean and expensive to fix, so it's better to have a cover to keep the bed safe and protected. Though each cover will be different from the others, there are still several facts to know about tonneau covers as a whole.

What is a tri-fold cover for a truck?

Another is that they prevent cargo from flying out of the truck. - A tri-fold cover will fold into three sections as it uncovers the truck bed, with some covers opening from both the tail and the cab section. Tri-folds are made from a heavy vinyl that provides heightened protection while still maintaining a low profile.

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