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Frequently Asked Questions

What is party?

English Language Learners Definition of party. (Entry 1 of 2) : a social event in which entertainment, food, and drinks are provided. : an organization of people who have similar political beliefs and ideas and who work to have their members elected to positions in the government. law : a person who is involved in a legal case or contract.

What is a pre-party?

A pre-party is a party that is held immediately before a school dance, a wedding, a birthday party, and a bar mitzvah. These parties are usually of short duration and sometimes involve getting ready for the event (e.g., the guests may put on makeup or costumes).

What is party 1A?

Legal Definition of party 1a : one (as a person, group, or entity) constituting alone or with others one of the sides of a proceeding, transaction, or agreement the parties to a contract a person who signed the instrument as a party to the instrument — Uniform Commercial Code

What is the opposite of party?

Party: a social gathering. Synonyms: affair, bash, binge… Antonyms: nonparticipant… Find the right word.

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