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Frequently Asked Questions

What are good orthopedic shoes?

Orthopedic sandals like orthopedic shoes are generally good for your feet, with the arch, heel, and overall support that they provide they allow your feet to maintain their correct natural shape when you wear them.

Why do kids need orthotic insoles?

If at that point a child is still not developing a normal arch, or if in-toeing persists, orthotics may be needed. This is particularly true when the child is involved in athletics and sports activities. In these cases, custom-made orthotic support for the arches can significantly improve gait and running performance.

What are the best sneakers for flat feet?

Tennis shoes are considered as the best walking shoes for flat feet because they have comfortable cushion along with arch support. This can help in reducing pain in hips and joints. Your shoe is best if it has insoles as recommended by the orthopaedic physicians. Insoles help in recovering the arch in your foot.

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