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Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy a Florida Foreclosure property?

Things You Need to Know About Buying Foreclosed Property A Foreclosure Is a Legal Proceeding. In Florida, for a mortgage lender or bank to foreclose a property, they need to file a lawsuit. ... There are 3 Ways to Buy. ... Auctions Are Sight Unseen. ... It's Easier to By Bank-Owned Foreclosures. ... Home Inspection Is a Must. ... Foreclosures Are Listed Before the Foreclosure is Final. ...

How long does it take to foreclose in Florida?

An appeal can be taken from a judgment of foreclosure but it must be timely. In Florida the time to take the appeal is 30 days from when it is rendered.

Can you put a house for sale in foreclosure?

When a lender notifies you that your mortgage is in default and it's going to foreclose, you may still be able to negotiate a deal to keep your house. If that's not possible, you can let the foreclosure proceed, declare bankruptcy or attempt a short sale. With a short sale, you sell your home and the bank takes the money.

Is a lease estate a freehold estate?

A leasehold estate is an interest in real property that is measured in calendar time. Leasehold estates are not freehold estates because they do not exist for an indefinite period of time. Leasehold estates are considered nonfreehold or less-than-freehold estates.

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