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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the range of HSV and hue in OpenCV?

OpenCV HSV range is: H: 0 to 179 S: 0 to 255 V: 0 to 255. On Gimp (or other photo manipulation sw) Hue range from 0 to 360, since opencv put color info in a single byte, the maximum number value in a single byte is 255 therefore openCV Hue values are equivalent to Hue values from gimp divided by 2.

How to determine the HSV color range of an image?

So the mask is cv2.inRange (hsv, (10, 100, 20), (25, 255, 255) ) Then we use the found range to look for the orange color, this is the result: Here's a simple HSV color thresholder script to determine the lower/upper color ranges using trackbars for any image on the disk. Simply change the image path in cv2.imread ()

How to pick color from an image?

A eye dropper tool also called as color picker is used to pick color from an image. An image is made of pixels (Read : Anatomy Of a Digital Image) and each pixel has a RGB value, a color picker tool extracts the RGB value of a pixel in an image by hovering the mouse pointer on the image and clicking.

What is the HSV scale for GIMP?

Problem 1 : Different applications use different scales for HSV. For example gimp uses H = 0-360, S = 0-100 and V = 0-100. But OpenCV uses H: 0-179, S: 0-255, V: 0-255. Here i got a hue value of 22 in gimp.

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