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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in the Omo Valley?

Omo Valley Travel & Tours offer enriching Omo Valley tours to Ethiopian tribes. Book trips off the beaten path to remote tribal villages along the Omo River in southern Ethiopia. Get affordable cultural tour packages with the best Omo Valley tour operator in Addis Ababa and Jinka, Ethiopia.

What is the Omo Valley in Africa?

The Omo Valley is one of the poorest regions in Africa. With little more than their extraordinary ways, the sights and the figures you’ll meet, the people of the Omo will ask for money each time you take a photo, or a bulk fee for taking photos. This varies from tribe to tribe and can be a little intimidating for inexperienced travellers.

What makes the Omo Valley a photographer's Paradise?

The unadulterated dress and intrinsic majesty of the Omo Valley tribes living according to ancient tradition atract photographers eyes as flowers do to bees. The Omo Valley is photographers paradise and Omo Valley Tour and Travel is the most experienced tribal tour operator for your Omo Vlley Photography tour.

Who is King Dawit tours Ethiopia?

We are a King Dawit Tours Ethiopia sister company that specializes in cultural and tribal tours in Ethiopia. WHY DO YOU NEED TO VISIT THE BEAUTIFUL OMO VALLEY? The landscapes are incredibly scenic. There are plenty of beautiful, culturally diverse Omo valley tribes. It’s the cradle of humankind, registered as a world heritage by UNESCO.

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