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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a nursing pinning ceremony?

Why have a nursing pinning ceremony? A nursing pinning ceremony is all about honoring and celebrating nursing students and their journey to becoming a nurse. The ceremony is usually conducted a few weeks before a nursing program’s graduation ceremony. Many nursing students anticipate the pinning ceremony throughout their student nursing career.

Why do nurses get pins?

However, by 1916 it became standard in the U.S. to no longer award only a few nurses with a medal of excellence, but instead all nursing graduates with a pin during a special ceremony. The pin was provided by the hospital school of nursing to the students to identify them as nurses and act as proof of their education.

How does a nursing student dedicate a pin?

The nursing student selects a significant person in their life to dedicate the pin to. On the day of the ceremony, those individuals accompany the graduates onstage. A faculty member hands that person a pin, and they in turn place the pin on the graduate to show they have accepted the graduate’s dedication.

Where can I buy nursing pins and medical graduation gifts?

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