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Frequently Asked Questions

When will NHL playoff start?

The Stanley Cup playoffs are expected to start May 2nd, 2022, as originally scheduled in September. However, there were a number of COVID pauses and schedule changes, so there might be a change to that date, but we are sticking with the original one for now.

How many teams are in the NHL playoffs?

NHL playoff seeding In total, 16 teams make the NHL playoffs — eight teams from each conference. Both conferences are made up of two Divisions each (Eastern Conference has the Metropolitan and Atlantic Divisions; Western Conference has the Central and Pacific Divisions).

How many games in NHL first round playoffs?

NHL Playoffs format: How many games in the first round? Each first-round series is best-of-seven games, meaning the first team to reach four wins will advance. This is not only the format of the opening-round but for the entire Stanley Cup Playoffs.

What is a wild card in the NHL?

The main affect that will arise from a team being selected as a wild card is the seeding of the team. Seeding is a term used in sports to describe the rankings of each team entering playoffs or a tournament. As a wild card you are going to be one of the lowest four seeds. The NHL playoffs bases two important factors on teams seeding. These two factors are home games and matchups. Home Ice Advantage. As you likely know NHL playoff series are a best of seven games.

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