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Frequently Asked Questions

When do the NHL playoffs start in 2021?

The playoffs will begin in May 2021, a few days after the 2020–21 NHL season, and will end with the 2021 Stanley Cup Finals, to determine the winner of the Stanley Cup in July 2021. The league will return to the traditional 16 team playoff format with all series being a best-of-seven, after using a 24 team format in 2020 due the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is NBC's ops team in the Stanley Cup playoffs outing?

^ a b Dachman, Jason (May 14, 2021). "In Final NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Outing, NBC Sports' Ops Team Aims To Go Out on a High Note". Sports Video Group.

What happens when the NHL playoff field is down to four?

Once the postseason field is down to four teams, then there will be non-division matchups. And because of the tweaked format, there could be a Stanley Cup Final matchup between teams that typically would be in the same conference. As the start of the postseason gets closer, here's a look at the NHL playoff picture.

Could we see two teams play in the Stanley Cup Final?

We very well could! This unusual format means we could see two teams usually in the Western Conference — such as Edmonton and Vegas — play for the Stanley Cup.

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