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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a neon sign?

Neon signs used to be relegated only to clubs, businesses, or outdoor signage. That era has passed though, and now it's easy to add a rad neon sign to your home. These signs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, letting you add a pop of personality to your aesthetic that is impossible to ignore.

Where can I rent neon props?

Since 1991, Heaven or Las Vegas has rented neon props to film, television, commercials and events. Our 20,000 sqft showroom in Van Nuys, CA features the largest selection of neon, bulb and lightbox props in the country. BROWSE INVENTORY

Where can I learn neon bending?

There are several places to learn the art of neon bending if you live in the East. First, there’s Brooklyn Glass, which offers One Day Neon (an introduction to neon creation), and 8 Week Neon Lettering (featuring education in a neon workshop with full access to neon materials).

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