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Frequently Asked Questions

How do counters work in ikoria?

Ikoria introduces keyword counters. Just as a +1/+1 counter gives the creature it's on +1/+1, these keyword counters give the permanent they're on the listed ability. This allows some spells and abilities to have a little more staying power. For your convenience, we've made punch-out counters to easily track which creature has which ability.

Can a token mutate in MTG?

Nowhere in that phrase is the word "nontoken." Tokens can mutate just like nontoken permanents can. For any merged creature, if a token is on top, the creature is a token. If a card is on top, the creature is a nontoken permanent. Mutate is the kind of keyword that includes a lot of rules innovation, and that can be distracting.

Why can't humans mutate on ikoria?

Humans on Ikoria spend all their energy merely surviving, so their cells just aren't up for the mutation thing, I'm guessing. Mutate can be used only if you're casting the spell. If a creature card with mutate enters the battlefield some other way, it just enters the battlefield.

What is the name of the writer in the new ikoria?

Writer. Bon vivant. Matt wears many hats inside Magic R&D, but they're hard to see as he's so tall. The new set Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths brings us to Ikoria, a breathtaking world where an enterprising Planeswalker such as yourself can find sights unlike any other.

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