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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mouthwatch intraoral camera?

MouthWatch intraoral cameras are proven tools for improving patient engagement and boosting case acceptance rates. Our intraoral cameras provide high-quality imaging at a price that makes it affordable to have a camera in every operatory..

How much does a mouthwatch camera cost?

$ 299.00 Our easy-to-use, high quality intraoral camera integrates with just about every digital x-ray software on the market, at a price that finally makes sense. MouthWatch cameras offer the same features found in cameras that cost thousands more and will allow you to have an intraoral camera in every operatory.

What is mouthwatch capture and how does it work?

Our cameras come with our MouthWatch Capture software which allows a single press of the button to take a snapshot and save it directly into your imaging software for easy capture without the need for a mouse or foot pedal. What is the focus-free feature of the camera?

How do I get Started with my mouthwatch camera?

Getting Started with Your MouthWatch Intraoral Cameras. 1 Step 1: Download and Install MouthWatch button Capture Software. 2 Step 2: Configure MouthWatch button Capture. 3 Step 3: Configure Your Digital Imaging (X-Ray) Software. 4 Step 4: Plugin your intraoral camera and start taking intraoral photos!

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