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Frequently Asked Questions

How do modmodsy stylists work?

Modsy stylists use the company’s own 3D software on its website to create modular designs for clients. Before the designer gets started, you’ll upload a scan of your house using the app’s iOS software, which will then be turned into a 3D interactive version.

Is Modsy a good brand for interior design?

This Modsy interior design review found that many of the brands are well-known with solid reputations, such as Anthropologie, Ravine Home, Ashby Home, and Serena & Lily. Plus, the Modsy online interior design team selects its designers as carefully as it does the furniture.

How can I use Modsy on iOS?

Using the iOS scanning feature, show Modsy the rooms in your home that you wish them to work with. There is no need to do any cleaning (thank goodness!), its team of professionals will do all of the work for you…virtually. Modsy’s app will transform your home or room into a 3D masterpiece that can be altered by its team.

What are the pros and cons of using Modsy?

A Modsy interior design review on Good Housekeeping revealed the pros and cons that real customers had when using the service. Some speak of enjoying the “ tech aspect ” and being able to see the “ true-to-size floor plan ” to get a real-life idea of how the furniture would work in the space.

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